Lemon Grass Essential Oil

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100% Premium Therapeutic Grade Lemon Grass Essential Oil

10 mL Amber Glass Bottle with Euro Dropper Cap

Lemon Grass Essential Oil is one of the most common oils to have in any house. The sweet and citrus scent of lemon grass has been traditionally used to ease tension and promote relaxation. Lemon Grass oil can also bring a fresh and inviting scent to any room.

Aroma: Sweet and lemony

Blends Well With: Cedar-wood, Tea Tree, and Lavender oils.


Properties: Lemon grass oil is historically known and within Aromatherapy for its analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-depressant, antipyretic, antiseptic, astringent, carminative, bactericidal, diuretic, febrifuge, insecticidal, nervine, fungicidal, galactagogue, tonic, and nervous system sedative effects. The lemon grass oil is said to refresh the body and has been known to have a stimulating effect. A common use of Lemon Grass essential oil is to provide relief from terrible headaches and is said to have stress relieving properties. It has traditionally been used to combat anxious fatigue that can be created from stressful situations including anxious feelings while traveling.


Botanical Name: Cymbopogan citrates also known as andropogoncitratus


Common Method of Extraction: The common method of extraction of lemon grass oil is by steam distillation. The oil is extracted from the fresh or partly dried leaves.


Parts Used: The parts used for extraction of oil are herbs and leaves.


Largest Producing Countries: Lemon grass grows in tropical and sub-tropical South East Asia and Africa. India cultivates the lemon grass along the Western Ghats in states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The major countries which produce lemon grass oil are India, West Indies, Malaysia, China and Bangladesh.


Traditional Use: The grass was originally growing wild in India. The grass is a permanent fast growing sweet-smelling grass which grows up to 3 feet in height. The leaves and oil has been used in the Indian Ayurvedic medicine to reduce fever and different other infections. It has been used as an important ingredient in perfumes and citrus centred soaps. Traditionally it was used in India as an insect deterrent also. Lemon grass oil is used in Brazil as an folk remedy for treating gastrointestinal and nervous upset and fever of all types.


Of Interest: It is packed with vitamins, minerals and essential oils. The vitamins in the lemon grass are vitamin B5, B6 and Vitamin B1. It contains vitamin C and V also. It contains a whole lot of other minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, manganese and copper. It contains folic acid in the stems and leaves.


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