Who we are

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Sage Creek Supply and tell you a little information about ourselves. I was first introduced to the benefits of Aromatherapy when I was 15 years old which, at the time I had no idea what Aromatherapy was or how it could help me. I had struggled with insomnia throughout my adolescent life which seriously impacted my life causing anxiety, stress, and a feeling of alienation due to people not understanding what I was going through. I had pursued numerous medical solutions which all came with there own side effects and nothing seemed to be an effective or sustainable solution. Wanting to help me and realizing how insomnia was impacting me, my sister bought me a candle lit aroma diffuser and a small selection of essential oils that were said to induce relaxation and sleep. Initially this small selection was enough to aid in helping to relieve my insomnia. I found it difficult to sleep with the candle lit with its constant light and flickering. While soothing initially, I didn’t like to leave a candle burning. So, over time I started using it less and less and my insomnia slowly began to reemerge. Then I relocated to Seattle and was re-introduced to the benefits of Aromatherapy through the use of an Ultrasonic Diffuser that was quiet and could provide the same relaxation and stress benefits without the worry of leaving a candle lit. Since this discovery, I have been sharing my experience with friends and family on the numerous ways Aromatherapy can enrich and improve their lives. Realizing how the benefits of essential oils and Aromatherapy have improved both myself, my friends, and family I decided that I wanted to provide these benefits outside of my direct circle. In 2014, I decided to found Sage Creek Supply in order to offer essential oils and Aromatherapy products that can be integrated into everyone’s home or office. Through researching and testing, I have discovered numerous quality Aromatherapy products that can easily be used in any home. I am proud to offer these products and hope that you enjoy the same benefits that Aromatherapy has brought to my life.

Mission Statement

Provide quality Aromatherapy products that enrich and provide relaxation and stress relieving benefits to everyone within the comforts of home and office.